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The Process

Creating a Memorial Bead

In order to make cremation ash beads, a small amount is enouch to create several beads (1/4 teaspoon) of your loved ones ashes are required.  At my torch I will start to melt the chosen color of glass to molten form, then gently roll that glass onto some of your loved ones ashes that are laid out onto a brass plate then will carefully cover those ashes with more molten glass to create our memorial glass bead.  I then use rollers or presses to help create the shape that has been chosen.  Once that is all perfected I place your special glass memorial into my kiln to anneal and cool slowly to ensure strength and proper cool down of the glass.  Any unused cremains will be returned or if requested can be kept with your file.  I assure you I take this responsibility very seriously and handle ashes with the upmost respect and care.

My studio is located in Calgary, Alberta, so if you reside in this area we have the opportunity to meet together at my home studio. It is lovely when you are able to come here as you can see the studio and all the sample beads, shapes and colors that I have to choose from.   I am proud to say I have worked with customers across Canada and Internationally, so if you are located in another region I am happy to provide a consultation over the phone. When you work with Eternal Flame you will always speak with me, your artist Rhonda Neufeld, directly.

In our initial meeting we will discuss your vision and get an idea of what is speaking to you from the photos you have seen.  I will ask you about your loved one and will ask you share a photo if possible by text or email. I will also provide guidance in regards to the process of secure shipping.

It is a very spiritual feeling to work with a loved ones ashes, and the comfort the results bring to customers who have entrusted me is unspeakable.

I am confident that together we can create the perfect memorial bead for you. I would love to be your artist!


Rhonda Neufeld

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