client love


Colleen Clark

"Rhonda has created the pure magic and soul of my beloved Marley in the most incredible Tree of Life Circle pendent. Marley was born in Hawaii and Rhonda was able to create the Jacaranda tree, the ocean, sky and the moon....the gift was to see the Marley's ashes transform into the glass, by the tree....You have brought comfort to my grief which I can now hold in the palm of my hand, anytime I chose. You are a gift Rhonda, thank you."

Melody Drescher

"I was looking for a place that would memorialize my husbands ashes with compassion and respect.
After much website surfing I found Eternal Flame Glass Art Memorials. After speaking with Rhonda, I just knew that she was the person I needed to make my memorial keepsakes.
After driving from Kelowna, I met with Rhonda at her studio and she helped me through the process of choosing colours and designs; never once worried about the time. She asked questions and listened intently. Rhonda is very caring, respectful and compassionate.
Rhonda requested a picture of my husband and his preference for music; explaining she would have his picture with her in the studio and play the music to inspire her while creating my family’s keepsakes.
I received my package today and the memorial keepsakes are exactly what I was hoping for and more!
Thanks you so much Rhonda…….sooo glad I found your website.
I will not hesitate to recommend Rhonda."

Anita L.

"Rhonda went above and beyond in connecting with me and my Harley girl to create the perfect beads for my family and myself. Her attention to detail and caring shows in every creation. She put up with all of my order changes and indecisiveness (lol) in order to fabricate the most amazing and heartfelt mementos of who was my most loved furbaby. Like she said in her email, if she didn't make you cry then she didn't do her job! Thanking her just doesn't cover how much I appreciate all of it."

Jen C.

"I couldn’t have asked for a more thoughtful piece to remember my pups. Rhonda eagerly took the time with me to clearly understand what I wanted. She has a kind heart, is very passionate about her creations, and it’s very evident in her completed works!"

Tim Henry

"My wife Lucy's wishes were to be cremated and to have her ashes spread in our favourite place on earth, Maui. I was struggling with her request because of the distance away from our home in Calgary. I felt I needed her closer to me. The Eternal Flame glass beads were a perfect solution. I met with Rhonda and she guided me through the process with compassion and dignity as she got to know Lucy through her questions. It was immediately clear that Rhonda is a special person. She is a passionate, sensitive, professional and extremely talented artist! I selected a variety of styles and designs as mementos for myself, family and friends. The results were amazing. Beautiful creations customized to Lucy's physical and spiritual essence. Lucy's ashes are now resting peacefully on Maui with the exception of a few that are preserved in the treasures created by the Eternal Flame. Thank you for sharing your special gift Rhonda."

Tracy Riley

"Rhonda's soul speaks through her work.!!
I met Rhonda this past November at the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market and purchased a lovely piece of jewelry. We started a conversation and my attention was drawn to the lovely dog bones she displayed. She took me through the process and what it means to her to be able to provide this type of gift to her friends and clients. I had 3 boxes of my past pet ashes at home and soon after met with her at the studio to commission her to make a few small pieces for me.
I immediately felt drawn to her gift, and her personality. She is a truly beautiful, gifted soul who pours every ounce of love into what she does.
I am forever grateful to have such beautiful pieces to remember my beloved dogs by and also grateful to have her share her passion with me. I wish Rhonda the best in this journey and hope she brings many more people the peace that comes from knowing your loved one ashes has been lovingly cared for and the treasure of a forever keepsake."

Vanessa Mueller

"Rhonda's work is spectacular and the pieces she made for me are absolutely stunning. When I first saw them it very nearly brought me to tears in the best way possible. The key chains she made are exactly Bijou's colours and my boyfriend and I love having them. It's been a great comfort to wear the necklace and be able to hold it in my hand and have her close nomatter where I am.
Bijou was my beloved dog, she lived to be sixteen years old. She was born when I was eight and I had her ever since. She was my baby, and my best friend, I could count the number of weeks we spent apart on one hand. She passed away late February 2017. Bijou is and always will be very special to me and the pieces Rhonda made for her reflect that. Rhonda is a very warm and kind person and made the difficult process easier for me. It was hard not to cry as we talked about Bijou and her personality, and when we looked at her pictures. Rhonda carefully searched for the right colours that matched Bijous and they are perfect. I want to thank her for helping me through this difficult time and making something beautiful that I will cherish forever. "

Patricia Howe

"My younger brother’s sudden death in June of 2016 was such a shock for our family that it took me months to go online and research memory beads. When I finally did, my research lead me to Rhonda and her fantastic studio where she produced “works of art” in the form of 4 glass beads carefully encasing his ashes. During our first meeting she allowed me plenty of time to shed a tear and work through the process of choosing the different designs and colors I thought my family members and I would like. Rhonda asked questions about him and I think put a wee bit of his soul into each bead along with his ashes. When I picked up the beads a mere 3 days later I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the beads and knew I entrusted his ashes with the right person. I would recommend Rhonda and Eternal Flame to anybody wishing to memorialize a loved one in this manner."

Dawn Griffiths

"Rhonda is an amazing artist and woman. My son passed away 2 months ago at the age of 36 of cancer. I contacted Rhonda about getting several pieces made for me. She takes the time to get to know your loved one and shows such respect. The items she made for me were absolutely beautiful and they have given me such comfort as I wear them.
Thank you Rhonda from the bottom of my heart for the comfort these have given me. Especially on this first Mothers Day without Brent."

Monique Hiltz

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I visited Rhonda's studio, but by the time I left, I was positive I had come to the the right place. She made me feel very comfortable in a difficult situation. Rhonda listened carefully to what I had in mind, and with her knowledge, experience, and her heart, she created a set of breathtaking memorial beads (approx 15) that will be cherished always. When I gave her my brother's ashes, she asked me about him, whom she was making the beads for, and also asked for a picture. When I hold my bead I feel so close to him -- this is a testament to Rhonda's passion for truly wanting to help people feel comfort when they need it most. Check out her work, better yet, go see her studio! "

Marilee Campbell

"A friend recommended I have Dakota's ashes made into wearable glass beads after our long-time family dog died. After talking to Rhonda on the phone, I knew this was a person who would respect and honour his memory. She answered all my questions about the process and what I could expect. We met in person and she showed me all of the size, shape, colour and cost options I could choose from, but more importantly, she asked me about Dakota and what he was like and I could tell she genuinely wanted to incorporate his memory into her artwork. I really felt like she cared about me and respected his memory throughout the process. She was gentle and caring, and she thoughtfully sought to understand what I had in mind. Now every member of my family has a beautiful memento of our family friend and I am so glad I made this choice. Thank you Rhonda! "

Jane Russell

"Rhonda has a clear vision as is a true artist – always striving to be better than ever. The cremation beads are so special. I love opening my jewellery box and seeing my mum's special bead with her ashes inside the ocean she loved with the tree of continuing life. It makes me feel close to her always. Thanks Rhonda, for having that conversation about Mum first and admiring her photo to help inspire you to put a little bit of "Irene" into my treasure."

Diana Afonso

"Rhonda was willing to meet with me and listened to my requests, with compassion in her heart. I knew that the piece would be made with kindness and love, when she asked to see a picture of the deceased. It made my heart sing. The piece was absolutely breathtaking, and we would recommend Rhonda and her work to others! "

Janet Lefrancois

"I was looking for something very special to do with my dad's ashes. When I was looking on the computer it seemed like you had to send everything to the states to get something different. Then I came across Eternal Flame's website and right away it was the place I wanted to see. It just gave me a really good feeling. I really liked the eternal tree, so I contacted Rhonda and set up a time to meet at her studio. From the moment she greeted me I knew that I had found the person I wanted to work with. Rhonda is very warm, caring, and really listens to what you are saying and seemed really interested in hearing about my dad and what kind of person he was. I told her I liked her eternal tree but that I wanted to know if she could do me a bracelet bead instead of being on the stand. She said that no one has ever asked before and she had never tried it. Rhonda could see how much it would mean to me, so she agreed to try and I was extremely happy that she was willing to try. When finished the beads she sent me a picture and it was exactly what I was picturing in my head. The tears just streamed down my face. I just loved them and could hardly wait to go and pick them up. When I went to Rhonda's to get the beads, as soon as I seen and touched them it was the first time since my dad had passed that I was feeling happy. I had a smile on my face and I knew in my heart I loved them and I knew my dad would love it too. I would recommend Rhonda to anyone. She is a terrific artist and really understands what you are looking for. I was so grateful that I found her and her website."

Kim Manjos

"My wonderful dog passed away about 4 years ago. I have been keeping his ashes in a box in my drawer. It just never seemed like the right time or place to scatter his ashes. It also never seemed fair to his memory to just keep his ashes in a box in a drawer. Then I heard from Rhonda about putting some of his ashes in a bead. What a great idea. Rhonda was so caring and respectful of his ashes and made me some lovely beads. It seems only fitting, since my sweet little guy was always so close to my heart, that now I can wear the bead close to my heart. Thank you so much, Rhonda."

Debra Skrabek

"When I heard that Rhonda was launching her new line of glass art, called Eternal Flame I was excited. I consulted with Rhonda and we discussed on what color and style of glass art that best represented my late dog Buddy. I chose a heart shaped glass memorial and a dog bone shaped glass memorial which holds my dogs ashes. I now have two amazing and beautiful pieces of jewelry that I can wear all of the time and my dog is eternally with me."